18 de agosto de 2016

UK biodiesel eradicates use of palm oil

UK now biodiesel contains no palm oil, for the first time since new legislation in 2008. Since the start of the UK’s Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation in 2008, volumes have dropped sharply and UK biodiesel is now largely made from waste feedstocks, in particular used cooking oil.


13 de julho de 2016

NBB calls for stronger biodiesel, advanced biofuel volumes

The EPA is significantly underestimating biodiesel’s capacity to deliver more Advanced Biofuel to U.S. consumers in the coming years, the National Biodiesel Board (NBB) said in public comments on a pending renewable fuels proposal. NBB called on the EPA to strengthen the biodiesel and overall Advanced Biofuel volumes under the proposal before it is finalized later this year.

5 de julho de 2016

Asia Pulp & Paper backs community-led Indonesian biofuels project

One of the world's biggest pulp, paper and packaging firms has announced its support for a new community-led pilot scheme aimed at reducing the use of fossil fuels and increasing the availability of bio-fuels in Indonesia. The jurisdictionally-based partnership between Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), the Governor of West Kalimantan and the Belantara Foundation will find suitable land to be planted with a community crop through smallholder farmer co-operatives.

4 de julho de 2016

Pacific Biodiesel reduces biodiesel prices at the pumps

Pacific Biodiesel, Hawaii-based renewable fuels and the only commercial biofuel producer in the state, has rolled back the retail price of its Maui pump station biodiesel by 9 cents per gallon – the amount of the on-road biodiesel fuel tax exempted by Maui County in its fiscal year 2017 budget, which also took effect today.

29 de junho de 2016

Study: Biodiesel supports 48,000 jobs

Nearly 100 biodiesel industry leaders are on Capitol Hill today to call for strong clean-fuels policy as a new study found that the industry is supporting nearly 48,000 jobs nationwide. The study, which conducted by LMC International, found that the 2.1 billion gallons of biodiesel and renewable diesel used by Americans last year supported $8.4 billion in economic impact across a wide variety of economic sectors along with 47,400 jobs and $1.9 billion in wages paid.


22 de junho de 2016

Biodiesel to power lighting at Euro 2016

Greentech Biofuels, an Irish firm specialising in green energy solutions, has teamed up with Saint Etienne Metropole and Ondaine Agro in order to bring biofuel-powered floodlights to one of the stadiums hosting Euro 2016. The three organisations will join forces to produce large amounts of biodiesel, which will be used to keep the floodlights at Stade Geoffroy Guichard lit throughout the various games which will be played there during the European football tournament.


20 de junho de 2016

Malaysia in talks to move startup of B10 biodiesel programme to July

Malaysia is in talks with oil companies about moving the start of its B10 biodiesel mandate to July, a month later than earlier planned, aiming now to complete full implementation of the new standard by August. This takes into account time needed for oil companies to reset blending ratios and procure enough palm methyl ester (PME), said the ministry of plantation industries and commodities in an email to Reuters, referring to the bio component of biodiesel that comes from palm oil.