28 de setembro de 2016

IncBio confirms presence in Argus Biofuels and Feedstocks 2016

IncBio, a leading Portuguese engineering company, who specializes in state of the art fully automated industrial ultrasonic Biodiesel plants, has confirmed it will be exhibiting at the Argus Biofuels and Feedstocks 2016 in London between the 18th and 20th of october 2016.

20 de setembro de 2016

Brazil's Petrobras to exit biofuels production

Brazil's state-controlled oil company Petróleo Brasileiro SA said Tuesday it will exit the biofuels sector, as the heavily indebted company seeks to prioritize investment in crude oil and gas production. Petrobras, as the company is known, said biofuels would be one sector it plans to unload as part of sweeping asset sales plan. 


19 de setembro de 2016

Global biofuels market to gain momentum

The global biofuels market is expected grow at a CAGR of nearly 6% during the 2016 - 2020 period, according to Technavio’s latest report, which covers the market outlook and growth prospects of the global biofuels market. The market is categorised into two fuel type segments, including ethanol and biodiesel, of which the ethanol segment dominated the market, with almost 70% of the overall market share in 2015.

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2 de setembro de 2016

Biodiesel producers seek legislation to tap used cooking oil from restaurants

Biodiesel producers are seeking policy that will give them more access to used cooking oil from the food processing industry. Used cooking oil can be processed to make biodiesel, which is derived from renewable bio-mass resources. In India, cooking oil accounts for 20% of the total output of biodiesel.

18 de agosto de 2016

UK biodiesel eradicates use of palm oil

UK now biodiesel contains no palm oil, for the first time since new legislation in 2008. Since the start of the UK’s Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation in 2008, volumes have dropped sharply and UK biodiesel is now largely made from waste feedstocks, in particular used cooking oil.


13 de julho de 2016

NBB calls for stronger biodiesel, advanced biofuel volumes

The EPA is significantly underestimating biodiesel’s capacity to deliver more Advanced Biofuel to U.S. consumers in the coming years, the National Biodiesel Board (NBB) said in public comments on a pending renewable fuels proposal. NBB called on the EPA to strengthen the biodiesel and overall Advanced Biofuel volumes under the proposal before it is finalized later this year.

5 de julho de 2016

Asia Pulp & Paper backs community-led Indonesian biofuels project

One of the world's biggest pulp, paper and packaging firms has announced its support for a new community-led pilot scheme aimed at reducing the use of fossil fuels and increasing the availability of bio-fuels in Indonesia. The jurisdictionally-based partnership between Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), the Governor of West Kalimantan and the Belantara Foundation will find suitable land to be planted with a community crop through smallholder farmer co-operatives.